AngularJS with Ruby on Rails

About the Author

I'm David Bryant Copeland, otherwise known as @davetron5000 on Twitter.

This tutorial has turned into a full-blow book: “Rails, Angular, Postgres, and Bootstrap: Powerful, effective, efficient, full-stack web development”. I'm also the author of “Build Awesome Command-Line Applications in Ruby 2” and “The Senior Software Engineer” (which is a book about everything you need to know as a developer other than the coding part :).

I currently live in Washington, DC and am a Director of Engineering for retail innovator Stitch Fix, working with a small team building software (mostly Rails apps) to support our business. We use Angular for several of our internal applications. To read more about how we're using it, see my blog post Unassuming Apps w/ AngularJS.

Prior to that, I supported several Rails internal APIs for LivingSocial, and before that helped build the engineering team at energy-efficiency startup Opower.

I focus on practical use of technology, as best documented on my blog in either Production is all that matters or Responsible Refactoring. That's why this book is about getting your code deployed and not what is theoretically possible. Details matter to me.