AngularJS with Ruby on Rails

The Application We'll Build

To frame all the setup needed to get an Angular app running with Rails, we'll build a simple application to manage recipes. The application will be a store of recipes that can be searched. A recipe is a title and some text representing the instructions.

We'll build the application in four steps:

  1. Create a skeleton that does very little but can be deployed.
  2. Walk through the implementation of a basic search by name.
  3. Walk briskly through a test-driven implementation of viewing a recipe.
  4. Run through the implementation of creating, editing, and deleting recipes.

A basic “CRUD” app isn't going to be the best demonstration of Angular's power, but it's easy to understand, especially for us Rails developers, and will allow us to just focus on getting things set up.

The most difficult and tedious part of using a new technology is the initial setup, so let's do that first.